W 315 Mg

Technical Data W 315 Mg


W 315 Mg



Ejector stroke in mm


Closing unit


Locking force in kN


Closing stroke in mm


Die height, minimum / maximum in mm

300 - 700

Clamping platen size in mm

900 x 900

Space between tie bars in mm

550 x 550

Injection unit


Shot position in mm

0 / -120

Plunger diameter in mm

70, 80, 90, 100

Casting force max. in kN


Casting volume in cm³

514, 791, 1105, 1455

Specific injection pressure in daN/cm² / psi

410, 316, 249, 201



Empty weight of machine in kg, max.



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Automated Spare and Wear Parts Logistics are Integrated into the Faundry Requirements

The Tool Server Modular from Bedrunka+Hirth is a fully automatic and modular tool dispensing system for the smooth, convenient provision, organization, and control of tools and small parts for the foundry process.

Technology Day at FRECH – Cold Chamber Machines in Focus

More than 60 participants from Europe and overseas visited the Technology Day at FRECH in July, where the machines GDK3200, K1320, and K1680 were presented.


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